Apex Contracting and Consulting, Inc. (ACCI) is a fully insured and bonded General, Engineering and Landscape Contractor that provides a full range of natural resource management services including habitat restoration, erosion control, exotic and invasive species control and a variety of biological services.

Habitat Restoration

The ACCI team specialize in designing and implementing habitat restoration for both compliance mandated
mitigation and general land stewardship projects.
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Erosion Control

The ACCI team has years of experience in implementing erosion control projects and specializes in erosion control in sensitive habitats containing rare, threatened and endangered species.
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Exotic Species Control

ACCI is a Pest Control Business licensed by the State of California Department of Pesticide Regulation. The ACCI team has years of experience with controlling invasive exotic species.
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Biological Services

ACCI’s team of biologists has conducted many protocol level presence/absence surveys for rare and endangered species and have worked closely with state and federal agencies to provide survey reports.
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