ACCI can provide our clients with a full range of erosion control services from Planning and Design, including technical and engineering support, through Site Preparation and Project Implementation.

The ACCI team has years of experience in implementing erosion control projects and specializes in erosion control in sensitive habitats containing rare, threatened and endangered species. Our specialized equipment and trained operators have extensive experience in implementing heavy equipment work in constrained construction foot prints thereby minimizing unnecessary adverse impacts on surrounding sensitive habitats.

Our team has expertise in the repair of improperly designed or inadequately maintained dirt roads and trails. We have conducted numerous projects involving the removal and site restoration of abandoned dirt roads and trails that frequently result in degradation of sensitive habitat through erosion and sediment loss. ACCI has extensive experience in site de-compaction and re-contouring of abandoned dirt roads and trails to pre-existing topographical conditions. These procedures reduce sediment loss, increase potential for re-vegetation success, and re-establish natural, pre-existing drainage patterns. We also assist our clients with recommendations on implementing erosion control BMP’s that reduce soil loss while minimizing costly future maintenance requirements.

The ACCI team has extensive experience in the design and installation of erosion control BMP’s after wild land fire events. Practices included the construction of check dams, hydroseedng, re-vegetation and topographical grading alterations to address sheet runoff thereby reducing gully formation.